We build continuously on our strong scientific and digital foundation to provide innovative, insight-driven solutions that best meet the communication needs of your product or therapy area. We recommend, develop and deploy appropriate innovative solutions across the product lifecycle, from trial recruitment to cost-effective solutions for established brands.

We are focused on identifying solutions that enhance engagement and promote understanding, using the most appropriate technology to meet communication objectives.

And we don’t just rely on current solutions. If you have a challenge and want real creativity to develop new and innovative solutions, CMC Connect can help.

Our client hackathons bring together multifunctional teams and external experts to unpick challenges and ideate new and innovative solutions. Our methodology has design thinking and end-user insight at the core. We bring design architects, therapy area experts and digital/innovation experts together to ideate and prototype new and novel solutions.

And it is quick. We can deliver low fidelity prototypes by the end of the hackathon!

How do we achieve this?

We understand the power and importance of developing a robust digital strategy and our in-house digital specialists can guide you through this innovative, ever-changing landscape, including setting metrics to track the impact and success of your plan.

CMC Connect has successfully delivered a variety of digital projects that include:

  • Artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot powered by Watson
  • AI-powered literature search
  • Immersive experiences – virtual reality/augmented reality
  • Digital landscaping and digital strategy development
  • Interactive animations including mechanisms of action
  • Disease education websites, tools and services
  • Gamification-based learning
  • Interactive patient/healthcare professional materials
  • Multimedia educational tools
  • Apps for smart devices
  • Interactive and integrated web-based scientific platform and communications planners