eLearning modules


Our client had several new and emerging products in immuno-oncology. The therapy area is very complex, and our client wanted to ensure that medical and commercial teams had an in-depth understanding of the science, data and critical issues surrounding immuno-oncology, to enable them to interact credibly with healthcare professionals in a variety of different settings. Also, the rapidly evolving external environment and expedited launch timelines stressed the need for flexibility to respond to internal reprioritisation.


Immuno-oncology provides an alternative treatment option for oncologists. However, the mechanism of action (MoA) and the management of side effects are very different from those of traditional treatment options. Therefore, it is essential to ensure there are adequate educational resources for use by internal teams.


We worked with our client to develop several learning curricula, which were developed as a set of eLearning modules. The eLearning modules were built around the patient journey, to ensure that the person with the illness was at the core of the communications. Our first step was to identify the baseline knowledge and learning needs of individuals. We then developed some curricula that would appeal to different learning styles. These included curricula concerning basic science, to help the teams understand the complex MoA as well as foundation level curricula around the disease, cancer type and product. The curricula were developed so they could be adapted for both medical and commercial teams, to ensure that different learning needs could be met across the most relevant channel for the learner, in a cost-effective manner.

The initiative was a huge success, and during the first week of the launch, the foundation curricula were completed by more than 200 users.